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{"id":"17935297054053083","text":"Is that the smell of burnt sugar? Infused with pineapple & coconut, our Pi\u00f1a Colada Cr\u00e8me Br\u00fbl\u00e9e is topped off with toasted coconut marshmallows! \nWho would you share this sweet treat with? \nDon\u2019
{"id":"17861802718228277","text":"Gather the family for a hearty brunch at Super Loco, and look forward to plenty of fun-filled egg-tivities for the little chicks! PSST, kids - keep a look out for them hot cross buns!\n\nEaster Super Brunch, 1 April:\nFace
{"id":"17934191731058106","text":"All I wanna do is taco 'bout how delicious these are! It\u2019s #PimpMyTaco Tuesday and we can\u2019t wait to polish off a taco platter of 5 for just $45+, which comes with a selection of loco salsas! \n#Superloco #wearesu
{"id":"17903920765167015","text":"Que pasa, mi amigo? Take a sneak a peek into our kitchen as Head Chef Victor Molina beautifully plates our new dish, the Mexican Tart.\n\n#wearesuperloco #superloco #Superlocobrunch","created_time":"1522054782","from":{"id
{"id":"17908438162134066","text":"We\u2019re open for brunch and dinner this Good Friday (30th March)! Hasta pronto amigos!","created_time":"1522043515","from":{"id":"1408884036","full_name":"Super Loco Robertson Quay","profile_picture":"https:\/\/scontent
{"id":"17904891790152817","text":"Have you tried our new brunch menu? Come on down this weekend for a taste of the finest dishes from the mornings of Mexico!\n\nMake your reservacion at: http:\/\/\/SLRQreservacion\n\n#wearesuperloco #superloco #brunc
{"id":"17932559458036872","text":"Let's taco about how much we love #PimpMyTaco Tuesdays! Hurry down to enjoy a taco platter of 5 for $45+ with a selection of loco sauces.\n\n#wearesuperloco #superloco #RobertsonQuay","created_time":"1521539453","from":{"i
{"id":"17911863061095450","text":"Soak up the waterfront vibes as you indulge in a margarita, or two, only at $9+ on Margarita Mondays from 5 to 7 pm!\n\n#wearesuperloco #superloco #margaritamonday #margarita","created_time":"1520846877","from":{"id":"1408