5 Minutos with a Loco - Bartender Nurul Hikmah Nees


Bartender Nees Hikmah Photo by: Ensof Photography   She’s rattled up the boys as she makes her mark behind the bar at Super Loco Robertson Quay. Nurul Hikmah Nees, one of our superstars in the Super Loco bartending team, was recently nominated in Giffard Samurai Cup for her cocktail 若いもの (Wakai Mono, meaning young ones).  

★ Any nicknames at work or home?

◊ I get called by my last name - Nees. Not Knees! Not Ness! Definately not your niece but.. Nees!  

★ Where do you work and how long have you been with this company?

◊ SUPER LOCO ROBERTSON QUAY!!! *high tens* I started off as a part timer on the floor and now full timer behind the bar.  

★ What got you interested to work at the bar?

◊ I love challenges! Giving myself opportunity to do something I've never done before.  

★ Who or what inspires you?

◊ My loved ones and nature. Inspiration is the driving force that leads me to take a chance and do something  I'm passionate about. I get inspired when I least expect it - I see, hear or experience something that moves me deeply. And when it strikes - I follow its lead and see where it takes me!  

★ What's your favourite agave spirit?

◊ I prefer highlands agave because it tends to grow larger and mature over a longer period of time (slow) thereby producing sweeter and fruity tequila. While lowland agave usually has more earthy, vegetal and drier flavour.  

★ What's your favourite cocktail to make at the outlet?

◊ MARGARITAS! It's simple and easy to drink and tastes amazing!  

★ What's your number one tip for making an amazing margarita?

◊ Personally I prefer my margarita to be shaken on the rocks and to use agave syrup instead of sugar syrup.  

★ How do you develop your recipes?

◊ Alot of reading, research and experiments with different types of flavours and spirits.  

★ Tell us your experience with Giffard Samurai Cup?

◊ One of the best experience I have ever had! Especially for a newbie behind the bar. To get an opportunity to compete with such talented and experienced bartenders was inspirational!  

★ What's the name of your winning cocktail, ingredients and inspiration?

◊ My cocktail is 若いもの (Wakai Mono) - which  means the young ones. The first ingredient that struck my mind was Wasabi...yes a very random ingredient for a cocktail. So I combined some sweetness, citrus, and a dash of spice, a well balance spirit - gin and Giffard products. I wanted to make something special and also resembles my life. My daughter is my life. She has such a range of mixed emotions - she was the inspiration!  

★ What's your favourite way to spend a day off?

◊ Hot sunny day by the beach with refreshing margarita and sunshine!  

★What do you want to be when you grow up?

◊ I have always dreamed to be a teacher. But I'm still in love with what I'm doing now... maybe one day when I've reached a certain level, I'll gladly pass some knowledge to others!