5 Minutos with a Loco - Chef Victor Alejandro


5 Minutos with a Loco. We are pleased to introduce you to Señor Héctor Vázquez Abarca, Master Distiller and man in charge of the Los Danzantes Mezcal distillery!

5 Minutos with a Loco - Chef Victor Alejandro  

All the way from “The DF” (Distrito Federal), aka Mexico City, we’re excited to grab 5 minutos with Super Loco’s resident chilango, Chef de Cuisine, Chef Victor Alejandro. Check it out:  

★ Any preferred name?

◊ Victor or Alejandro.  

 Where exactly are you from?

◊ Mexico City, Mexico and yes, I'm Mexican.  

★ Why did you choose to become a Chef?

◊ Perseverance and passion for food gave me the drive to become a Chef.  

★ Where is your favourite restaurant in Mexico?

◊ Quintonil in Mexico City.  

★ What's your favourite tacos in Mexico?

◊ Taco de Chuleta con Nopales y Papas (In English: Pork fillet with Cactus and Potatoes)  

★ What are your favourite items on the Super Loco menu?

◊ Pork, Baja and Chorizo Taco.  

★ If you could live off 3 dishes alone, what would they be?

◊  Chicken Fillet, Guacamole and Al Pastor Taco.  

★ What's the best cure for a tequila hangover?

◊ Another tequila. Haha, no for me - spicy ceviche!  

★ If you could be a Lucha Libre wrestler who would you be?

◊ El Santo (one of the most famous and iconic of all Mexican luchadores, and has been referred to as one of "the greatest legends in Mexican sports.)   If you spot señor Victor - don't forget to say ¡Hola!   ¡Salud! #wearesuperloco