5 Minutos with a Loco - Héctor Vázquez Abarca


5 Minutos with a Loco. We are pleased to introduce you to Señor Héctor Vázquez Abarca, Master Distiller and man in charge of the Los Danzantes Mezcal distillery!


We are pleased to introduce you to Señor Héctor Vázquez Abarca, Master Distiller and man in charge of the Los Danzantes Mezcal distillery. He is one of the world leaders and aficionados in mezcal and recently, over the course of three days at Lucha Loco and Super Loco, he facilitated a masterclass and mezcal tasting that took us through all things agave. Here are a few tips he shared on Mexico and mezcal:  

★ What are three restaurants to eat in Oaxaca, Mexico?

◊  Good question! In Oaxaca I recommend you go to Los Danzantes restaurant, Casa Wahaca and a very local restaurant – El Fogoncito. Be prepared, El Fogoncito is very small, very local and… bad service! But they have a broth called the Caldo de Piandra which is made of water, shrimps, tomato and some herbs onions – it’s worth going for this as they serve it in a big jicara bowl and drop a heated rock into the cold broth. The broth is cooked from the heat coming off the rock, it’s amazing!  

 What are three of your favourite cocktails?

◊ Firstly a Negroni, coming in second would be a Sazerac (New Orleans variation of a Cognac or whiskey cocktail) and third, a really well done gin tonic which includes any of the following gins – Tanqueray gin, Monkey 47, Citadelle or Sipsmith.  

★ What is the best mezcal you have tried?

◊ My first mezcal which was Arte Mezcal 2006.  

★ What is your favourite Los Danzantes?

◊ That’s a difficult question, my favourite mezcal is whichever Los Dazantes mezcal that I have infront of me at the time. I love Coyote, Tobala, Arroqueño – any type of mezcal with agave!  

★ When did you discover your passion for mezcal?

◊ In 1997, so 19 years ago now! I feel in love with the flavours, their sweetness, citric, herbal, spices, the toasted nuts… all very complex and even more interesting on the palette.  

★ What made you choose Los Danzantes amongst all the mezcal brands?

◊ They have very good principles and philosophies, and there is a huge respect for the plants and the people that make it. Los Danzantes takes care of the people, instead of buying and taking over local companies. Mezcal is about respecting the tradition and the people. There is no science behind the making of mezcal, it’s ingrained in culture and the makers have been doing it for many years. Los Danzantes also did a conservation project when they took 150,000 seeds and planted them back in the mountains. They are also the first to pay more and buy agave from the farmers, only because they wanted to help the farmers out.  

Have you tried any local food, if so what is your favourite in Singapore?

◊ The one with the fried egg and shrimp, which is very nice… the local Carrot Cake!   Masterclass-with-Hector   Muchas gracias Señor Héctor! Stay tuned for a few exciting projects that we’ll be working with Hector on later this year.   #wearesuperloco   View photos from Mezcal Master class | View photos from Mezcal & Mexican Food Appreciation