5 Minutos with a Loco – Señor Ryan Choi


Ryan Choi, our Group Training Manager is our main man when it comes to training the Loco team. He is instrumental in striving for the highest customer service levels for the Loco Group. Torn between trainings, paperwork and Jakarta, we nabbed our favourite Korean for quickie. Ryan Choi - our Group Training Manager

Where are you from?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Go Leafs Go!! (he's was referring to Toronto’s Hockey team)

Who inspires you and why?

Danny Meyer - one of the best restaurateurs in the world. Watching his YouTube video and reading articles, I’ve learnt valuable things. He truly understand the essence of succeeding in hospitality industry. Also, he seems like a real down to earth type of guys and a humble being. … No, I’ve not met him, yet! At work, Alasdair is just an amazing mentor! I truly enjoy working with him.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job with us?

When I see our team working together as one and really having fun together while working. It also makes my day when guests leave a genuine comment about our teamwork and hospitality!

What’s you best restaurant dinning experience and why?

An unusual experience ten years back in a beautiful small town, Hunza Valley, Pakistan. You could walk to China from here! The place only had 5-6 tables, all the plates and utensils were different colours and sizes and some where even chipped. Food took a long time and they did not have any carbonated drinks or water. Food was so-so. But somehow it did not bother me and evening up going back five times in a week. The old man running the place was the only reason for this. I learnt then that even if ambience and food are not perfect, his infectious, inviting smile and how he made me feel really good every time was more than enough for me.

What kind of food do I miss form Canada?

Hot dogs, Chinese food, spicy Italian Sausage with sweet corns, onion, jalapeño and a drizzle of Mustard. Chinese food in Toronto is very different from what we have here, maybe I’m just used to that.

What kind of food will I crave if I left Singapore?

Minced pork noodles, Bak ku teh.. best food to have after a hangover!

Where do you think Singapore service quality can be improved?

Genuine hospitality, simple things like welcoming any guests with a genuine smile, and going above and beyond. Even face, every table and every time.

Your pet hate?

When people chew noisily and open the mouth while eating. Drives me absolutely ‘loco’ overtime.


Ryebread, ryeguy, Choi

Do you say Takitish?

Was born after the 50s, so no but I do say a lot of ‘eh’s.. that’s pretty Canadian, eh? Thank you for your time Ryan!