5 Minutos with a Loco


5 Minutos with a Loco. Here’s a little more about Chef Jason Jones and what makes him tick!

image Often wonder who is the Aussie tattooed guy seen in the kitchens at Lucha and Super Loco? It’s our Culinary Director and co-owner Jason Jones! For those of you who have visited Australia, you may know him as one of the former owners and Head Chef of the modern Mexican Melbourne institution, Mamasita. For those of you who don’t, here’s a little more about him and what makes him tick:  


◊ Jason aka, Jase, Jonesy  

 Home town

◊ Merimbula, NSW, Australia  

 What is your favourite dish at Super Loco/Lucha Loco

◊ Lucha, the Octopus. Super, the Tongue & cheek taco.  

 Which is your favourite restaurant in Mexico

◊ El Parnita - Really casual, fun, and everything on the menu is bursting with great flavours, I could eat there every day.  

 Tequila or Mezcal and why?

◊ I don't discriminate, they're both equally awesome! One after the other works for me.  

 Who is your favourite chef and why?

◊ I’m inspired by all the chefs that I meet! While I haven’t met her yet, Diana Kennedy stands out in the culinary world as a chef that has contributed a huge amount of research to the regional foods of Mexico. She's been decorated with the the highest award given to foreigners by the Mexican government, The Aztec Eagle, for her work disseminating Mexican culture through its foods. She's just an absolute all round legend and I would love to cook with her one day!  

 What is one of the best meals you have had?

◊ That’s a tough one! It would have to be a large plate of freshly caught Abalone cooked over coals when camping on the southern coast of Australia. Live abalone, grilled over flame, fresh lemon and salt, with a icy cold cerveza – it makes the effort of diving for them worth it! Coming in at a close second place would have to be the 20 course meal at El celler de Can Roca in Spain which I was lucky to dine at a few years ago now.  

 What is your favourite ingredient to cook with ?

◊ Fire  

 Do you have a guilty food pleasure?

◊ I'm guilty of taking pleasure in everything I eat!  

 When you are at home and want to cook, what do you prepare?

◊ I usually try my hand at cuisines from other cultures, so it might be anything from a Japanese soba noodle salad, to an Italian Porcini risotto.  

 What is your opinion on the Singapore restaurant scene?

◊ I think the standard and variety is excellent for the punters, and inspirational for operators to make sure they do their very best. Whenever I have some time off, I always try to eat somewhere different – Singapore is so culturally diverse, the food here always makes me feel as though I could be eating anywhere in the world… and it’s all on our doorstep!   Muchas gracias Chef Jason (or as we call him Jase) for your 5 minutos! #wearesuperloco