4 amigos, 3 cities, 1 Mexican cuisine


After 8 years of dishing out delicious tacos & margaritas, we haven’t really told you about the trip to Mexico, have we? It’s not just any trip, it’s THE TRIP that firmed up the spirit of this business and brought the 4 amigos closer than ever before.

Walking in the streets of Mexico City, it’s a common sight to see food stalls by the street and taco trucks around the corner. And trust us, the simplest food can actually be absolutely mind-blowing - a little salsa over some chicken al pastor wrapped in a warm tortilla is not only the best taco ever, but also the perfect perk-me-up in the afternoon.  



It’s not just the tacos that won our hearts. Every dish and street food comes bursting with unique flavours and characteristics.



The Mexican street food culture is made up of so many other dishes that you’d be spoilt for choice. Aside from the ubiquitous tacos, don’t miss out on quesadillas, tortas, tamales, al pastor, elotes, churros, carnitas, and even roasted chickens! 



The winner has got to be the elotes - grilled corn on the cob with chilli powder and Mexican cheeses. This iconic Mexican street food is also a hot-selling item on our menu - it’ll change the way you look at corns.

Right, and the salsas! The Mexicans love it, they have it in every meal. The red, the green, and the spicy - you name it! We love the tangy, zesty flavours that come with every bite into the pipin’ hot taco. This inspired us to create our very own range of hot sauces that are produced in Mexico. And voila, we now have 4 delicious flavours of Loco Hot Sauce!

Mexico City 22 Feb 2012 7D images 45

We got a chance to explore the hustle and bustle of the street markets in the city, where they have anything from food and drinks, to costumes, piñatas, and even antiques. They say you experience the core of the people's culture in their markets, well, this is it. 




Part of our highlight during this Mexican culture expedition, was getting to know legendary tequila master Enrique Fonseca and tasting some of the best tequila and mezcal in Mexico! Enrique is best known for his work in barrel-aging spirits for extended periods of time. 

 IMG 7025


 Did you know you are supposed to sip tequila, and not shoot? 

Artisanal tequila and mezcal are agave spirits that are made from agave plants, which take at least 7 years to grow and this process could go up to 40 years! And it’s in these years when these agave plants accumulate the very essence of its natural growing environment, giving it a unique complexity that is not found in other spirits. 

IMG 6994

So never shoot a fine tequila or mezcal, take some time to appreciate it!

IMG 2790

Before we end this travelogue, how could we not tell you more about a Lucha Libre wrestling match in Arena Mexico!


IMG 6339

Lucha Libre means ‘freestyle wrestling’, and has been popularised by one of Mexico’s most legendary wrestlers, El Santo, back in 1942. It is now the second most popular spectator sport in Mexico.

 IMG 2872

The wrestlers are called the Luchadores and they are always masked up. The masks give them an identity and help them maintain a persona, it will define how the wrestlers acted in the ring.

And if you don’t already know, our very first restaurant Lucha Loco at Duxton Hill was inspired by and named after Lucha Libre! ¡Arriba, arriba!

So here we are 8 years later - bringing you Lucha Loco and Super Loco and sharing the irresistible charm of the best Mexican food and culture with you amigos! Loco long time!