5 minutes with a Loco - Chef Nelson Burgos


We had five minutes to catch up with Señor Nelson Burgos - The Loco Group’s friendly Executive Chef, about what inspired him to become a chef, his favourite Singaporean dish and heroic luchador persona.

Where are you from?

I was Born in Chile, grew up in Melbourne Australia & lived in Sydney Australia for 5 years, Citizen of the world.


Who inspires you and why? 

I was inspired to become a cook by a chef called Marco Pierre white. I read his book and was hooked on cooking as a career choice! As I’ve taken more senior roles in recent years, I’ve been influenced and inspired by a guy by the name of Simon Sinek. His approach to leadership is something that I relate too, and can adapt to my leadership style. 


What’s your favourite Mexican ingredient and why?

Huitlacoche - it has an amazingly intense flavour and it’s super versatile. It’s actually delicious in a pasta sauce. I’ve tossed it through some Strozzapreti pasta, smokey bacon & black truffle. Delicioso! I also Love achiote, amazing base ingredient for marinades!


Your background is Chilean, any similarities in cuisine Mexican and Chilean?

The biggest similarity is that there is a lot of dishes from the coast. Ceviches, mariscos & grilled marinated fish to name a few. There is also a cultural similarity in that both food cultures have a very strong working-class history to them. Peasant food is the best type of food!


Tequlila, Mezcal or pisco, whats your pick ? 

Pisco for entree, Mezcal for main & Tequila for dessert!


What’s your best restaurant dining experience and why?

Too many to mention, but my top 3 are:

1. Having Jamon iberico de Bellota, fresh baked bread & €6 bottle of Rioja when I was in Valencia.

2. XO pippies on crispy vermicelli noodles at Golden century in Sydney.

3. My recent experience at Eleven Maddison Park in NYC was also incredible - the food, the wine, the service, the ambience - it was all perfection. 

Many more on the list though! 


Whats your favour local Singaporean dish?

The Carrot cake from store 32 at Telok Blangah food Market. Bloody delicious!


If you were a luchador, what would be your fighting name, and would you be a good guy or a bad guy? 

I’d be a good guy! Name would be badda-Boom Badda-Burgos! Signature move would be a cannon ball body slam from the top of the ropes! Badda – Booooom!