5 Minutos with a Loco – Chef Jason Jones


What are your plans and inspirations for Cinco De Mayo 2018?

The 2018 Cinco de Mayo menu at Lucha Loco takes inspiration from the best village food that Mexico has to offer. With dishes that would not be out of place being served in bustling streets of Puebla during the celebration of Cinco De Mayo, we've drawn inspiration from the bold flavours and simplicity that makes Mexican food so delicious. 

Lamb Barbacoa will be the king of our celebration feast. Our homage to this dish is made up by using Australian lamb shoulder, smoked & dried guajillo chillies, aromatic herbs and spices, and ginger. We'll be slowly cooking them over coals and hardwood embers, giving you soft, delicious Barbacoa lamb to devour with 100% corn tortillas, salsas & herb slaw. 

Barbacoa is the king, though the rest of the royal familia is made up of some equally delicious offerings. Our ever famous Elotes - grilled corn on the cob with Smokey chipotle mayo, finely grated cotija cheese & fresh lime will make a much-awaited return to the Lucha kitchen. 

Our Vegetarian friends will be pleased to know that our Cinco De Mayo menu will highlight a number of vegetarian specials. You can expect to see 'Huitlacoche Mamela' - a toasted masa cake topped with braised mushrooms and 'Mexican truffle', and, 'Crispy Flautas' - filled with zucchini and goat's cheese and our ever popular green grain salad.  

We will also have our taco and quesadilla menu available for those that just can't get enough of their favorites!

Cinco de Mayo at Lucha Loco 2018 is a time to celebrate the good things in life - good friends, great cocktails, good music & awesome food. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!