5 minutos with Naaz and Fai


We had 5 minutos to catch up with our bar team, Naaz and Fai, at Super Loco Customs House, after championing The Loco Group’s cocktail competition. Check out what the winning team has got to say about Tequila and Mezcal!

What's your inspiration behind Jalisco Sunset?

Fai: We wanted our guest to feel as if they are in Mexico/Jalisco every time they take a sip of our cocktail. And we had to create a cocktail based on what we’ve learnt from the classes at Proof & Co. Something that is Mexican related but with a little twist. We then took inspiration from a traditional international cocktail drink such as the Tequila Sunrise.  So that is how we came up with the Jalisco Sunset. 

Why did you choose to use the Artenom 1414 reposado tequila?

Naaz: We needed a tequila that is really refreshing for our drink but yet not too much bitterness in it. So after trying out a lot of different types of tequila, we decided to go with the Artenom 1414 reposado tequila as it tasted best for our cocktail. 

Choose one: tequila or mezcal? And why?

Fai: Tequila! As I feel that mezcal is for someone that is pretty adventurous in nature and I’m not one!  

Naaz: Mezcal! I’m pretty adventurous ;)

How would you describe drinking artisanal agave spirits as compared to other spirits?

Fai: We didn't use to have a good impression of agave spirits until we worked at Super Loco. It taught us how to really appreciate agave spirits and the complexity of making a bottle of tequila or mezcal. You can find vodkas or gins made from all over the world but an agave spirit, you can only make them in Mexico! 

What's your all-time favourite cocktail?

Fai: Didn't use to have one, but now definitely the Jalisco Sunset!

Naaz: Used to be Espresso Martini, now for sure is the Jaslico Sunset.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Fai: Mind control - something like Professor X from X-men. 

Naaz: Teleport, have you watch the movie Jumper? Where you can teleport from one place to another by just picturing yourself somewhere in your mind.

If you weren't mixing drinks behind the bar, what do you think you'd be doing?

Fai: I’m still wondering about it myself, but my manager says I’m a natural in promoting and selling things, I think I’ll be in sales or marketing.

Naaz: A footballer or a MMA fighter, maybe.