Green Is The New Black - Best Mexican Vegetarian Dishes


Go vegetarian at Lucha Loco and Super Loco. With our expanded range of plant-based dishes on the menus, veg out on bursting Mexican flavours that would convert even a meat-eater! 


Elotes at Lucha Loco, photo by @chrisfoodies

The classic Elotes is an all-time favourite among our amigos since we first opened our doors at Lucha Loco back in 2012! A mainstay on the menu across our venues, this Mexican street-style grilled corn on the cob is smothered in chipotle mayo, topped with cotija cheese and a dash of lime. If there is a corn heaven, this is it. 


Taco de Verduras at Super Loco Customs House

We’ve got something for everyone when it comes to our favourite tacos. At Super Loco Customs House, the Taco de Verduras features a fire grilled zucchini with poblano, broccolini, salsa macha and crispy quinoa. 


Taco de Baja Tofu at Lucha Loco

If you love a little crunch and texture, then go for the Taco de Baja Tofu at Lucha Loco - crumbed tofu, chipotle mayo, mango salsa, slaw, lime. It’s quite heavenly. 


Taco ‘Jack’  at Super Loco Robertson Quay

Those often faced with the dilemma of choosing something sweet or savoury can experience the best of both worlds with the Taco’Jack’, using the fruit that is the jack of all trades. A nutrient powerhouse often used as a meat substitute, the smoky sweetness of pulled spiced jackfruit harmoniously complements the refreshing notes of creamy avocado and jalapeño slaw. Available at Super Loco Robertson Quay for dinner and weekend brunch. 

Quesadilla de Hongos at all LOCO venue 

One of the favourites among our customers. So good it’s a staple on our menus across all our venues. The Quesadilla de Hongos, or known as the Mexican trufffle quesadilla, has a mix of corn truffle, oyster mushroom, sweetcorn, cotija and layered with chimichurri sauce. 


Fresh Corn Tamale at Super Loco Robertson Quay

Dig into the traditional Mexican dish that is the Fresh Corn Tamale at Super Loco Robertson Quay. Fresh puréed corn is wrapped in its husks and steamed until firm. The resulting sweet corn tamales is served with cotija cheese, pumpkin, chilli salsa, watercress and toasted pepitas. 


Mexican Spiced Portobello Mushroom Burger at Super Loco Customs House & Super Loco Robertson Quay

Nobody should be missing out when it comes to burgers, especially our new loco burgers that have become all the rave! This badass Mexican Spiced Portobello Mushroom comes sandwiched between toasted potato buns, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, Emmental cheese, pickled red onion & cucumber and a secret salsa ;)  Available for lunch at Super Loco Customs House and Robertson Quay

Be sure to check out any of these amazing vego options the next time you’re hankering for Mexican! Our new menus can be found here: 

Lucha Loco

Super Loco Robertson Quay

Super Loco Customs House