How to throw a Mexican Christmas Party


How to throw a Mexican Christmas Party!

Make Christmas a fiesta with a delicious Mexican Christmas dinner spread. Whether you’re throwing an office get together at SUPER LOCO or a dinner party with family at home, below are a few ways to go Mexmas this holiday season!

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Style Your Christmas Tree - Mexicano!

Mexican Christmas trees decorated with hand-made stars, angels, parrots and even mini sombreros are a colourful reflection of their rich culture. The most authentic ornaments can be made with items found in your home - clay, straw, tin & other everyday household products. 

Time to get creative this Mexmas!


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Make your own Margarita

You simply cannot throw a proper Mexican Fiesta without good Tequila, so make everyone merry with a pitcher of Margarita! We are giving you our classic Tommy’s Margarita recipe. 

Ingredients needed:

45ml - Arquitecto Blanco Tequila
30ml-freshly squeeze lime juice
15ml -Agave (Can be found in major supermarkets)


Step 1: Pour 45ml of Arquitecto Blanco Tequila into a shaker, with 30ml of freshly squeezed lime juice and 15ml of agave syrup. 

Step 2: Shake well for 30 secs.

Step 3: Rim half the serving glass with pink salt, and strain margarita mix over some ice in a glass and garnish with dehydrated lime wedge.

We can guarantee it'll taste like the best Margarita you've ever made! 



Dress up your party

Create a casual and colourful setting for your Mexican Christmas dinner and keep your guests entertained with fun games and a festive table setting. Dress your table with Mexican-styled table runners or colourful napkins. Use red and yellow flower cactus-like succulents or Marigold flowers as center-pieces. Add authenticity by hanging a few sombreros and ponchos here and there to keep things fun for your guests. 

Throw in some maracas, lotteria card games and other fun activities to keep your guests entertained will you serve up a feast. For a festive touch and atmosphere, brighten your table by placing jars with fairy lights around your table setting to lift the Christmas spirit!

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Too lazy to do it all? Leave it to us. 

This year, Executive Chef Randy has prepared a special Mexmas menu perfect for dinner with the familia or lunch with office colleagues. Begin the feast with three starters; corn chips served with salsa and guacamole, Mexcian street-style grilled corn and cured red snapper ceviche. 

Choose from four different mains, all served on a platter for sharing. Herb crusted turkey prepared with sage, oregano and coriander crust, served with a traditional mole sauce with over 20 ingredients. Agave gammon ham, glazed in cinnamon with a side of pineapple salsa. Citrus chili, fire-grilled angus beef fajitas served with corn tortillas. Last but not least our vegetarian option, pickled pumpkin, goats cheese spinach enchiladas with a side of soft corn tortillas. 

All mains are grouped with three sides for sharing, refried beans, Mexican rice and ensalada rustica. Continue merry making into the night with a flourless chocolate cake topped with Mexican vanilla ice cream. Special dietary requirements can be catered for. 


View Mexmas Fiesta Menu


Piñata Bashing

What is a Mexican Christmas party without a piñata bashing? Get creative and fill your piñatas with surprises, miniature presents for your guest or even cash to make it ‘rain’.

Don't have the time to make your own piñata? We’ve got you covered. This year, we offer our very special Christmas Star Piñata for all Mexmas table bookings. Fill it up with candies or a special surprise - let us know one week in advance from your reservation and we'll take care of the rest.