Loco Green Steps

At SUPER LOCO GROUP our mission is to bring the flavour of Mexican culture to Singapore and we are committed to making our community a better place.

As our business grows and prospers, we realise the importance of doing our part for the environment.

Inspired by our friends at Green Is The New Black, we embarked upon "LoC02" Green Steps to do our part to make our business more sustainable, but also to inspire and motivate our industry, our guests and the wider community to become more sustainable and if we can do that, we can magnify our impact.

We’ve started small and made progress over time. You will never hear us say we’re the most ‘sustainable’. Sustainability to us, is not a race with a defined finish-line. It is an ongoing mission to make the footprints we leave behind a little smaller each month, each quarter and each year.

You can read more about our journey below:

Loco Sustainability Pillars

Carbon Neutrality
Offsetting 100 per cent of the carbon emissions of our direct operations through the purchase of verifiable carbon credits generated from a Congo forestry protection project “The North Pikounda REDD+ Project” with Carbon Conservation. Click here for The Loco Group's carbon assessment report. Read more on the sustainability project.

Successful rollout of Agave Appreciation Month campaign in August 2019, where $1 is donated to One Tree Planted for every special agave cocktail ordered, resulting in 843 trees being planted in the Amazon.

In partnership with Green Steps Group, we have planted 200 trees in 2020 and are committed to planting 2,000 trees by the end of 2021.

No Palm Oil
Ensuring zero use of palm oil in all operations.
Vegetarian Options
Ensuring at least 50% of each restaurant’s menu is vegetarian, or can be made vegetarian upon request.
Waste Not Want Not
No Plastic Packaging
Phased out all plastic packaging, saving up to 4,500kg of plastics used.
No Plastic Straws
An approximate of 144,000 reduction in plastic straws used across all outlets.
Filtered Water
Replacing imported bottled mineral water with premium filtered tap water - reducing our waste of glass bottles by 9,000kgs annually.
Less Paper
Optimised printing processes to reduce 30,000 pieces of paper a year being printed.
Sustainably-farmed Fish
Transitioned 15,000kgs a year of fish supply to sustainably-sourced locally farmed Barramundi.
Free-range Chickens
Ensuring all chickens used in our outlets are free-roaming, organic-fed and non-GMO certified.


Rebuilding Endangered Forests in Borneo

We are proud to announce that we are thoroughly transparent about the environmental impact of our menu. As a first step in starting a conscious conversation with our guests about the true cost our food choices have on nature, we’ve included the carbon footprints of each dish on our menu here.

In partnership with reforestation technology start-up Green Steps Group, we are replanting Borneo’s endangered forests. Each tree removes an annual average of 22kg in carbon emissions: join us in supporting our goal of planting 2000 trees by the end of 2021 and adopt a tree in Borneo for $6.

How It Works:

  1. While dining in at Super Loco Robertson Quay, you can view the carbon footprint of each dish on our new carbon conscious menu.
  2. Adopt a tree to negate the environmental impact of your meal — The Loco Group will match every tree adopted by planting a new tree.
  3. View your adopted tree’s progress with a unique QR code that contains information about your tree’s location, date and time of planting and background information on the local farmer in charge of caring for your tree.

As your tree flourishes, you too, can see how your contribution has a far-reaching, sustained impact that continuously gives our planet a fighting chance towards recovery. Find out more about the project we’re supporting here.

plant a tree

Premium Filtered Still or Sparkling Tap Water

We have reduced 5 tonnes of carbon emissions and 12,000kgs in glass waste annually from not selling imported bottled mineral water.

We filter tap water on site and offer all guests the option of unlimited premium still or sparkling water for 80c a head. When you ask for ‘tap’, feel free to ask for ‘still’ or ‘sparkling’ instead.

agua de la mesa

2021 milestones

locos gives back

Our sustainability journey includes:

  • World's first Eco-friendly Tequila: Launching Arquitecto, the first eco-friendly 100% agave premium tequila, in partnership with True Believers (subsidiary of Proof & Co) and Enrique Fonseca, one of Mexico’s legendary tequila distiller.
  • Planting Trees: Offsetting 100% of carbon emissions from our direction operations by planting trees in partnership with Green Steps Group.
  • Go Vegetarian: Ensuring at least 50% of each restaurant’s menu is vegetarian, or can be made vegetarian upon request.
  • Renewable Electricity: Switch electricity supply to renewable sources at Super Loco Robertson Quay and Chico Loco, while working with landlords at Lucha Loco and Super Loco Customs House to propose alternative solutions.
  • Reduce Waste: Find more sustainable ways to utilise fresh ingredients in bar operations and reduce waste.
  • Sustainable Cleaning: To source for alternatives to current cleaning chemical products.
  • Composting: Continue to find ways to compost food waste across all outlets, and work with landlords to look at communal composters.
  • Reduce Consumption: Conduct an energy audit across all restaurants to determine areas where we can further reduce utilities and water consumption.
locos gives back

F&B Sustainability Council

As a response to a number of challenges encountered in our sustainability journey as a small F&B business, and in the spirit of sharing our own learnings with industry peers, we formed the F&B Sustainability Council comprising of operators, suppliers and hoteliers. With the intention of holding quarterly roundtables where members can set and strive towards their own sustainability targets, while supporting one another by pooling resources, sharing best practices, brainstorming challenges and lobbying support through our collective impact.

Spearheaded by SUPER LOCO GROUP, the members of the council includes:

We humbly invite any businesses who are committed to making their operations as sustainable as possible to join us in our movement in building a greener community.

Get in touch with us at marketing@super-loco.com!

Sustainability is not an event, it is an ongoing mission in which we challenge ourselves to minimize our environmental impact. We still have a lot more work to do which we will keep you updated here.

The Loco Group can’t change the world on its own. By being a people business we aim to humbly inspire as many guests, suppliers, collaborators, and other businesses to take up the pledge to make their own footprints smaller. That is truly powerful and game-changing for the community and the world we live in.

We are always on the look-out for collaborations to spread the word about sustainability or find new ways to be more sustainable ourselves. If you’re interested to collaborate with us, we’d love to hear from you. Please go to our contact page to get in touch. Salud!